SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOn Friday morning, due to a misunderstanding, we thought we were supposed to go to a certain hotel and ride a bus to the stadium with the delegates. Actually, because we were staying in a home, we were supposed to arrange our own transportation to the stadium. We found this out when we arrived by taxi to the hotel, which was actually in the opposite direction of the stadium. But, since they had some empty seats on the bus, they let us go ahead and ride the bus to the convention and back that first day.

Actually, we’re glad we got to do that – it was a really cool experience. DSC04195smallNot just being with a busload of fellow delegates, but otherwise, we would not have known about the police escort given to all the delegate buses. We were in a line of maybe 10 buses, and we noticed that we were flying through town and we heard sirens. Then we realized that there were police on motorcycles escorting our procession of buses all the way to the stadium. They would stop traffic at the lights and they would guide us through the bus lanes – so we literally got to the stadium in 15 minutes, instead of the 40 minutes it would have normally taken in traffic.

Same thing on the way back in the evening. We would see the police all lined up waiting to escort the buses out. All the buses – and there were a lot – received the same royal treatment for the whole convention. In fact, we were told that even taxis with delegates going to tours and so forth, also received the police escorts.

Brother Morris, in the closing talk on Sunday, thanked the authorities for the wonderful treatment we received by the city. It was just amazing. This kind of treatment is normally reserved only for the Presidente. So, the city of Quito was very accommodating and hospitable to Jehovah’s Witnesses.


El Inca Congregation
The "Corazon" Family
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