Day Trip to Otovalo

After resting Saturday and acclimating to the altitude, we took a day trip to Cayambe, Otovalo, and Ibarra. Veronica’s parents rented a van and invited along some brothers from their congregation, El Inca. It was a very enjoyable day and we got to see some breathtaking scenery.


We came to Cayambe first, where we had breakfast of their famous bizcochos and queso (cheese), along with hot coffee and cocoa. It was so good. We also bought fresh honey and souvenirs.

I was fascinated at the stray dogs everywhere we went in Ecuador, even in the cities. They were actually fed and cared for. Ecuadorians love their dogs.

Ecuador is famous for their flower industry. We passed lots of huge greenhouses and fields of flowers.

Some of the cute famous stray dogs.

This is the special shop with the best bizcochos.

Fresh honey – We also got bee propolis and bee pollen…

Cute little outfits for sale.

Souvenirs – We got some earrings. Wooden carved ones and some made from coffee beans.

Bizcochos baking.

Fresh bizcochos cooling.

Delicious with cheese and hot cocoa. (Yes, that’s just cocoa he’s drinking.)

The family enjoying their breakfast.

Otovalo Market

After Cayambe, we traveled on to Otovalo, where we shopped aSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESt the market for souvenirs and Steve had a little fresh goat milk.

Charles had fun bargaining with the vendors, but Ceci, Vero’s mom is the expert. She got the belt guy down half price. I did a little bargaining of my own and bought a cute poncho, sundress and some finger puppets for our granddaughter.




Cascada de Peguche

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter leaving Otovalo, we travelled on to the Cascada de Peguche, which is a beautiful waterfall we hiked up to. ThSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESe hike up was a little painful, as the path was covered with large, bumpy cobblestones, but the waterfall was beautiful. Thankfully, Steve found another path down, which was much smoother.

From the cascada, we traveled on to Ibarra, where we visited a huge, modern shopping mall and had lunch.

On the way home, we noticed the sign in the traffic circle in Otovalo – advertising the convention. How exciting is that! (click photos to enlarge)


Ancient solar calendar.

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