Need Greaters in Ecuador

We met quite a few “need-greaters” while in Quito. We could see why Ecuador isocial (6)2s so appealing to those that want to serve where the need is great in a foreign country. It’s such a beautiful country, the brothers are so warm and welcoming, and the fields are really ripe.

On our social night, there was an information booth for those interested in moving there. There is a need in Spanish right now, not English. Let me know if you’d like a copy of the information sheet we got.


Here’s a few videos I found on youtube of some need-greaters in Ecuador. You can get a little glimpse of how the ministry is, as well as some of the beautiful scenery.

Living and Serving in Ecuador

Pioneering in Ecuador

Need Greaters Living in Ecuador

Below are a few of the need-greaters we met while in Quito.


Serving in Cuenca English.

The couple on the right has been serving in Ecuador 9 years. Her brother and his wife, on the left, have just moved back to serve again. They’re all from Spain.

This brother was on the convention program in a skit. I think he said he’s been serving in Ecuador 22 years with his wife.

Met these girls at the airport. The one on the left is in English congregation and the one on the right is in Spanish. She didn’t know any Spanish when she moved here.

This couple is from Australia.

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