Our Tours

Since our schedule was tight, and we didn’t have any control over when the tours arranged by Bethel would be scheduled, and since Veronica’s parents had arranged tours of their own for us with their local congregation, we decided to just sign up for the Mitad del Mundo arranged tour. Although we had already been to the Middle of the World, we did want to experience at least one tour with the delegates – and we’re sure glad we did. It was really awesome.

But, with Veronica’s parents and the El Inca Congregation, we enjoyed two relaxing day trips. Sunday after we arrived, we went to Cayambe, Otovalo, Ibarra and hiked up to the Cascada de Peguche. Then, Tuesday we went to Mindo, which is at the edge of the cloud rainforest, heading into the jungle. It was a beautiful trip.

We had planned to ride the teleferico for an awesome view of Quito – which was the one thing we didn’t get to do last time that we wanted. And we also wanted to go to the hot springs near Quito. Banos would have been nice too – but there just wasn’t time for everything, and the convention and spiritual activities was our priority. Also, we both got sick, so that took a couple days out of our itinerary. Maybe next time.

Follow the subpages to see photos and videos of our trips. We took tons of photos – way too many to show. But the scenery was just breathtaking at every turn. Hopefully, you’ll get an idea of the beauty of this little corner of Ecuador.



Here’s a map so you can see where we went in relation to Quito.

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