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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe’re so excited to share our experience attending the International Convention in Quito, Ecuador in January, 2015.

We know most of us cannot attend an international convention – especially in a foreign country. We never imagined we’d get the privilege. And it was even more amazing than we dreamed it would be. So we wanted to share a little of our experience with your family. This website contains a lot of photos and videos – but we hope to give you a little taste of this beautiful country, our amazing worldwide brotherhood, and the joy of attending an international convention.

This 12 minute video is an heartwarming closeup overview of the convention. It features the El Inca Congregation, which is our family’s congregation. Be sure to make it go full-screen to best enjoy it.

Photos & Videos

Most of the photos on the site can be enlarged by clicking on them. The videos can be viewed full-screen. And, be sure to click the arrows to view all the photos in the slideshows.

Mobile Device Users Note:

This is a responsive website, so it sizes down to fit your device, which means the top menu bar disappears. To access the menu, look for the 3 little blue lines at the top right of the page.



Also, be sure to visit the Diary to read some of our heart-warming stories and experiences. Here are a few examples.

Arriving in Quito

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter  a 4 hour flight from Miami, we finally arrived in Quito, around 9:30 pm, exhausted.  As the Branch informed us, sure enough there were brothers there with signs ready to help us through customs and immigration. As a result, everything went quick and smoothly…  Read more

Gifts We Received

gifts-smallThere was an outpouring of generosity from the Ecuadorian brothers. We were especially touched by the sweet little handmade gifts from the small children. They were all anxious to give us a little token of their appreciation for us coming…      Read more


The Corazon Family

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOne touching moment on Sunday during the lunch break… We were on our way back to our seats and just before getting into the stadium, there was a cute little family over to the side by themselves – a husband, wife and little boy, maybe 2 years old…    Read more

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