Local Brothers

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBelow are some slideshows with a few photos of the local brothers we met in the social area at the stadium. Hopefully you already saw the video of the crowd in the social area… Everyone was so warm and friendly. It was so crowded and hectic, it was mostly a blur, but there were some that really stood out. Like the “Corazon” family, featured first on the Ninos slideshow. You can read that story HERE.

And the sister in the photo here. She was deaf, and apologized that she didn’t speak much English or Spanish, so it was  sweet of her to try to have a little conversation with me in Spanglish and she gave me a tiny straw hat. I showed her my name sign. I was excited to meet her, since many in my family are in sign language.


Below are a few of the Bethelites we met. The last one, Danilo, we knew personally – he was in Veronica and Steve’s wedding 10 years ago.

Preciosos Niños


We were especially touched with how sweet and friendly the children were.





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