Middle of the World

On the Monday after the convention, we were scheduled to take the Middle of the World tour scheduled by the Branch. We were all pretty wiped out from the convention and Becky had gotten sick with the flu, but Vero and Charles ended up making the effort to get up early once again to go meet the tour bus. And they’re glad they did; it was such an encouraging experience.

The local brothers were there to give us a warm welcome. It was so fun to see all the signs there – and to hold the jw.org sign up at the equator. After the tour, they had lunch and did some shopping for souvenirs. (The green truck is not the delegate tour bus – just a cool little tour truck.)

Pululahua Crater

The tour included the Pululahua Crater. But it was so covered with thick clouds that we literally couldn’t get one photo of it. This is a photo of what it was supposed to look like. Would have been cool to see it.


Enjoy the slideshows below. You need to click the arrows to move them along.


Warm Welcome

Maravillosos Hermanos

More Signs of Love

Dancing on the Equator

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